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Customer Weight Loss Reviews

June 4th, 2012 - I have just begun going to the Palm Beach Wellness Center for the HCG program. I am in my 40's and had just about given up hope of weight loss. I have a desk job and work many hours and there never seems enough hours in the day. My first visit I was put at ease quickly, as I hate needles with a passion with fears of a program I would not be able to follow. The nurse was amazing and very encouraging not to mention Oscar, Chad and Dr. Heller. They were very informative and addressed every one of my concerns. This is NOT one of those fly by night places putting you on some wonder diet, this is a group of professionals that really take a personal interest. I started on Monday and am down 6 pounds and to be honest not finding myself hungry, and my appetite was my worst enemy. As Oscar said to me today, you have the tools for success and success I will achieve.

Jun 8, 2012 - I have been through many programs over the years and allowed myself to gain 64 lbs (life tends to take over) and the one thing I found is that this place is not like the others I have been to. They actually seem to care about me as a person and reaching my goals. I lived in Boca for 12 years and went to places that cost me over 1600.00 for the "come check in, take ten pounds of pills I didn't need or want, and eat the most horrendous foods, that of course were extra". I am excited, for the first damn time (oops...my bad) I am actually doing it....I got up this morning and another pound down...nothing feels better than feeling good about yourself, driving to work with the radio blaring...and I am loving it..

June 23, 2012 - On day 21 and down approx 16 lbs and feeling much better as the weight comes off. Nothing in life is easy but I finally made a decision that I had to do this. Tomorrow begins a new turn for me. I can not continue with the injections for an additional three weeks (you know when enough is enough) so I spoke with Dr Heller as well as Chad and I decided to continue with a diet, but this time I am going to continue with the appetite suppressant (one pill) and the vitamin 2 times a day. This will now allow me to eat larger variety of foods than on the HGC  and more than 500 calories a day (not that is was as hard as it sounds since I have the appetite of a grown man). I want to learn to eat right, make the few minuets to prepare ahead of time what I eat and to drink that water.....omg that has been the hardest is that water but my skin is better and no more bags under my eyes. Its amazing what some fluid can do for you....

June 26, 2012 - I am now on day two of this new diet and its great. I am down an additional 2 pounds (yes 18 total now...yippee for me....)and I have energy, I can sleep and I am not hungry (and I would never had thought that was true) and the best part is coming off the HCG and I can eat much more and since I am continuing ....I refuse to be another statistic. I am going to keep going. I began a total of 216 and I am a happy 197 this morning....Thank you..thank you...thank you...I cant begin to say enough about this place. Come see for yourself or email me and I will be happy tell you what I was able to do with their guidance to make this a plan I could do

It has been over 4 weeks since I have last logged in and what's amazing is not only did I maintain my weight for the 3 weeks after I stopped taking the HGC, I continued to loose and I still am. I am down from 216 at my first weight in to 186. I can't remember the last time I was this thin....think about it, I have shed the weight of a small person...yahoo!!!!!!!!!! Its a daily journey and its not easy but going to see Chad and Oscar and the staff at the Palm Beach weight loss clinic have been more than amazing and supportive. I have learned many things but the one thing I have learned is that you have to change your life. I now watch my caloric intake (www.looseit.com) or they have an app for any phone and its amazing...you can scan bar codes with your phone...I don't eat more than 20 carbs a day if I can help it. I like to have a drink or two over the weekend and guess what? Liquor has no carbs (not promoting alcoholics) and I am on the appetite suppressant portion of the diet now (can't just quit HGC and not make changes, if I didn't I would look like Porky Petunia again). I have to be honest I finally got off the scale, (thanks Oscar and Chad) and just took it day to day and did my best at watching my calories and drinking the fluids (Half of your body weight of which I hate but I am now doing Crystal Light). I have coffee in the morning,  a Wendy's half salad (BLT take off the nasty cheese and put my carb free dressing on it) and when I get home I have a protein and eat green vegetables. And then for desert (the moment I live for) is my sugar free Jell-O (have to do the black cherry) and whip cream (surprise no carbs) and then make a parfait out of it. Then a big glass of hot sleepy time tea with Splenda and I am good. I am not where I need to be yet, I am 5'8 1/2 and I need to loose an additional 20 pounds but I need to get my butt exercising and that's not happened yet...I work so many hours but I know I need to make it a priority like the new way of eating but I am not stressing...one day at a time...Thanks to all of you at the Palm Beach Wellness Center and to my husband Steve for being my biggest supporter...sometimes it takes a village...

Susan M.

I was a little skeptical about seeing a weight loss doctor because I thought I could do it on my own. Well, after years of being unsuccessful I decided to try the Palm Beach wellness center because a friend of mine has been going there and losing weight. The staff is great and give me lots of support and always answer all of my questions (thanks Oscar). Doctor Heller is very knowledgeable and he put me on the appetite suppressant diet which is working great. I eat when I want and I'm not very hungry so it is easy to resist snacking. No calorie counting, just follow the diet and meal plan and it's so simple. Try to go early as they get pretty busy in the afternoon. I have lost 34 pounds and want to lose another 21. If you are thinking about trying a Palm Beach weight loss program give these guys a call, they are great. They also have a new site www.westpalmbeachweightloss.com that has more information on their weight loss programs.

Phillip L.

"I lost 8 lbs my first week and all I had to do was follow an easy diet plan that still allowed me to eat most of my normal foods. It is so easy to do I can't believe it took me this long to finally do something about my weight."

Boca Raton


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